Things Possible in the New Earth #1

Work in the fields will still be hot, dusty work – hotter and dustier than ever before, in fact, with naked starlight blasting down on everything, drenching tanned, burnt faces with sweat, sending up shimmers of heat from the tractors – but we’ll be able to work like never before, exulting in it, shouting encouragement, banter, directions. People on the way to the City will pull up from time to time in chariots, Model Ts, or Subarus, hollering invitations from the road. Everyone will want to ride with Moses, except maybe Elijah, who will prefer to run on ahead (because he can). A miktam to the tune of “Lilies” will come on on the radio, and Asaph will be seen smiling through his beard as he heaves another hay bale onto the wagon.