What is This Place?

This is a place for my creative writing. I should have a confident, punchy paragraph here explaining the Three Commandments of Sparkling Prose, or the Creed of Perfect Poetry, but the truth is, I look back at my work every three weeks and think, “This is trash, calcify the lot!” (Conversely, once every two months I think, “Yeah, hey, this isn’t bad. How did I do that? Yeah, this is good. Hey, this is really good. I mean, let’s not get carried away here, but this is kind of genius.”)

On the problem of determining quality, Karl Shapiro wrote, “The criticism of This is good is medicine. The criticism of I like it is booze.” He added, “The criticism of This is good is remorseless and does not wish to take change into account. The criticism of I like it is based on the reality of change. One deals in absolutes, the other, in experience.” Practically speaking that’s completely unhelpful, but I think he’s right.

The world doesn’t need any more bad poetry. It probably could survive just fine without any more good poetry. On the other hand, if you take the attitude that you are going to write nothing of value from the beginning, you probably will write nothing of value. If you say your writing sucks, people might believe you.

So no conflagration yet.

About Me:
I’m a Christian. My favorite fictional character is still Puddleglum. I like etymology, medieval history, comics about literature, and birds (but also botany, building things, the ocean, Howl’s Moving Castle, and playing squash). Sometimes I think too much; sometimes not enough.

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