The Incomplete Encyclopedia: Diet

Diet is a manner of law and custom for healthfulness. Nicholas the Giver says it is the mirror of recipe. Varangian says it is the government of Desire. Llyr says if a man keeps his diet faithfully, that man becomes his diet, because a diet is a rule about eating, and thing that is eaten, and a way to be. And there are Knights Material and Knights Ideal, the which are ever in strife for greatness of their quarrel, for the Knights Material say that a person is what that person consumes, and the Knights Ideal say that a person consumes what that person is, because the rule comes before the act. And it is marvelous wonder when they are reconciled to each other, except they have a custom of seeking aventure in the forest, and there it happens sometimes that they mistake friends for enemies, or enemies for friends, because they use shields without devices or colours of their houses. And many say good diet is small breads and right so after sunrise proper work until Nuncheons, and at evening much meat and a little wine. But in Skraeling they have much meat and much wine, also ale, whensoever they desire it, and they have of bread but little. A person without diet is a person without form, because people and creatures are not wholly themselves without controlling their desires. A man who does not control his lust for food or power or women becomes less of a man until it is hard to be certain what he is: only the Maker can call him back with a proper name. And you should know that no one can keep a perfect diet, so the Maker calls each person. After death his people will be formed all new and whole, and each person will keep his diet gladly. And diet will be very good and lightly carried; it will not make anyone grow weary; each person for joy of keeping it will be at peace with his neighbor and the Maker, and this in so much that they will live forever.


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