Potatoes Against Total Demystification

This is a true story:
a girl dressed all in yellow
pointed to a sack of potatoes
sitting alone on a table in the cafe
and said to me, “This is why
I love University”

No one could explain them,
though we didn’t really try;
in the case of sudden potatoes
mystery is acceptable, funny,
even a source of delight.

It is not always desirable
to haul up causal chains
submerged in the (un)mundane
to find the hidden links.

Because if we do,
I think the following is true:
1. Surprise potatoes lose their charm,
go the way of demystified love
(something like romance deromanticized)

2. The yellow becomes more than it is –
I will think it would have been better blue
(I will wish I had shared the moment with you).


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