A List for Delighting in Middle Scots

There follows a tangle of words, phrases and languagy things found rooted in Robert Henryson’s Morall Fabillis

I. sa fast is radicate ~ so firmly is rooted. The root for root!

II. facound and purpurat ~ glossed by Robert Kindrick as eloquent and excellent; looks awfully like fecund and purply, but perhaps those colourful associations were already bleached by the time Henryson used the phrase.

III. jasp ~ jasper, but also generic word for gems of various kinds

IV. laverok ~ lark

V. flatling ~ flat, as in flatling on one’s back

VI. quhilk, quhy, quhat, quhair, quhen… I haven’t located a quho in five minutes of browsing, but I’m sure there’s one in there somequhair.

VII. trimbillit ~ trembled. The ‘it’ ending for our ‘ed’ is wonderful. In “The Preaching of the Swallow,” the fowler pullit the lyne, rippillit the bollis, swingillit it weill, and hekkillit in the flet.

VIII. grunching ~ grumbling

IX. rauk ~ hoarse (so similar to what the raven says)

X. in froist and snaw, in wedder wan and weit

XI. harsky ~ rough (husky?)


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