I Spy a Litany

A curled cat, pumpkin bread,
a red CD, a black TV,
the Canterbury Tales.

Curtains, a kettle,
a motionless fly,
a basket, a lamp,
the magic of rhyme.

The rhythm of dishes
washed at the sink,
rococo October,
the enchantment of Things.

Crows! A sickle!
the man in the moon,
silver, oranges,
an eldritch tune.

A melted candle, Icarus drowned,
a cold surprise, a wet demise,
an existential wail.


Inspired by I. Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology (or What It’s Like to Be a Thing). Written while listening to Alexandre Desplat’s “The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Part 1: A Veiled Mist.” Not quite a Latour litany; not quite an ontograph; not quite Marzollo’s I Spy.


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