The Moth’s Return: The Endless Bowl of Porridge

“Why is it called the Endless Bowl of Porridge?” asked Icarus eventually.

“Because it never runs out of porridge, obviously.”

“I know what it does; I’m asking whether the name is a good one. Shouldn’t it be called the Bowl of Endless Porridge?”

They heard Cat chuckling from his position at the front of the line.

Owl looked stumped for a minute. Icarus almost thought that he was going to admit intellectual defeat, but then his friend brightened.

“Of course it’s an endless bowl. It has to be to contain an endless amount of porridge. I suppose it could have been called the Endless Bowl of Endless Porridge, but really, no-one likes to have more than one epithet attached to magical items. It makes talking about them… clumsy. Can you imagine the Poisonous Burning Sword of Doom of Wyrnach the Giant King? It’s preposterous! And on top of that you start to wonder whether the sword will be the doom of the giant king, or whether it is his sword, and the doom is merely incidental…” The owl trailed off, lost in the convolutions of his thoughts.


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