The Adventures of Jaundice and Euripides

A new story I am working on. Probability that I shall finish? Zero to five percent. Nevertheless! here is a piece of it:


“J-jow- how do you pronounce it?” mumbled Mrs. Primula. She looked up. “Jaun?” Everyone shifted in their seats. A clear voice said,


There was more shifting. Neck-craning, too. Mrs. Primula said, “You go by John? Did I pronounce that correctly?” All eyes shifted from the front of the room to the back, where, in the corner, a dark haired girl dressed in yellow was sitting very straight.

“Yes,” she said crisply. “It’s short for Jaundice.”

“Sorry, Janice?”

“Jaundice,” the girl corrected.

Mrs. Primula thought, oh dear. She thought, her hair is like a birdsnest. She thought, but what good posture!

It is hard to say what the class was thinking. None of them laughed. Out loud.

The roll call continued, in no particular order:

Zachary. Neufield. Zack for short.

David. Green.

Alisha. Bergen.

Ben. Sikorski.

Maria. Sanchez.

Euripides. Woo.

“Euripides?! Is this a joke?”

“No,” said Euripides.

This time there were muffled snickers. Mrs. Primula looked hard at him. He coloured and looked away to the back corner. Jaundice was writing furiously in her notebook. He thought, ah, she is the notebook type. Finally Mrs. Primula asked if he had a nickname. He said no. More snickers – too quiet to earn a shushing, but audible nonetheless. The calling of the roll resumed.



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